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What To Expect

What To Expect From Harcourts Property Management

What To Expect From Harcourts Property Management



Your Harcourts Property Manager will discuss your needs and develop a policy for the prompt response and resolution of matters for you and your investment. We sometimes spend a large amount of time away from the office appraising property, inspecting and managing property, however, be assured we will respond.





You can expect:



  • We will undertake comprehensive listing notes about your property.
  • We will have the property photographed where appropriate and an advert composed. We will have the property listed on all the real estate web sites that we subscribe to.
  • We will schedule  viewings of your property as required to all prospective  tenants until your home is rented. (Subject to access provided to us by any current occupant)
  • We will subject all applications to:
  • A check on the appropriate tenancy databases
  • Verification of applicant's former  renting references.
  • Verification of the applicant's employment.
  • We will ( unless instructed otherwise ) refer all potentially suitable applications to you for approval.
  • We will let your property for the asking amount of rent. (as outlined in your management agreement with us). 
  • We will complete and execute the tenancy agreement and give the tenant's possession of your property once the rental applicant process has been approved.
  • We will complete and execute the tenancy agreement and explain in detail their responsibilities and obligations.
  • We will secure all appropriate ingoing costs from the tenant.
  • We will lodge the bond in accordance with the legislation.
  • We will forward a copy of the tenancy agreement to you (if requested).
  • We will have regular contact with you and feedback for you throughout the process.




Rent Collection

You can expect:




  • We have a zero tolerance rent arrears policy which we outline clearly to all tenants when they are signing their tenancy agreement.
  • We will process rent payments to our Trust Account daily.
  • We will follow up all late rent payments in accordance with our management agreement.
  • We will contact you to make recommendation and seek your instructions, should termination of the tenancy be an option.
  • We will keep you informed throughout the legal process, should termination be necessary.




Property Inspections

You can expect:




  • We will undertake a comprehensive Property Condition Report and take photographs, prior to the property being occupied.
  • We will conduct routine inspections regularly  and provide you with a written report. At these routine inspections we will report to you any repairs or preventative maintenance that may be necessary
  • We will conduct a comprehensive property inspection when the tenants vacate.





You can expect:




  • We will deposit the nett proceeds of your rental income into your nominated bank account as per your management agreement.
  • We will provide you with all copies of invoices for any repairs required at your property if requested.
  • We will pay all property outgoings as agreed on your behalf prior to the due date (subject to the availability - of funds).




Maintenance and Repairs

We expect that property owners will undertake recommended repairs to their rental property in order to preserve the value of the property, meet legislative obligations and maintain a positive relationship with the tenants. At Harcourts, we require tenants to submit all maintenance requests in writing.

You can expect:




  • We will not undertake repairs to your property in excess of your nominated amount, without first obtaining your approval. NOTE: This excludes emergencies and repairs that are required to be rectified by law.
  • We will contract a tradesperson within a timely manner for non urgent repair requests.
  • We will attend to any urgent repair requests.
  • We will only use trades people who are properly licensed and insured to handle the type of work being performed on your property.




Tenancy Renewals

You can expect:




  • We will review the tenancy agreement for your property in advance of its expiry, advising of current rental market conditions.
  • We will not renew a tenancy agreement without your express written permission unless stated in the management agreement.
  • We will advise you of any advice by the tenants that they are not renewing their lease.
  • We will minimise vacancies by promptly acting on vacate advice.
  • We will proactively manage the tenancy agreement renewal process.




Rent Review

You can expect:




  • We will regularly review rent in accordance with the current legislation to ensure you receive the highest rent possible.


What to Expect

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